Clients are unique. Their designs should be, too.


Easy Updates

Using a flexible CMS platform, Josh Levine Designs builds custom sites that don’t require the client to know any HTML in order to maintain. Custom content types take the pain out of being limited to only using Wordpress posts.

Custom Designs

Through discussions with the client, Josh Levine Designs creates a custom theme for your website. Employing personalized graphic design, Josh Levine Designs provides a site that truly reflects you, your message and your personal taste.


Using the latest technology that the web has to offer, Josh Levine Designs creates websites that look great on any mobile device. All pages are designed & developed to display beautifully across all devices and screen sizes.

Featured Projects

With an ever expanding portfolio, Josh Levine Designs offers services to a wide variety of clients - from individual artists to small businesses - and is always looking for new projects.

What Clients Are Saying

Working with Josh on our website was a fantastic experience. He streamlined the whole process from the initial idea to the launch, graciously catering to all my nitpicky requests along the way. Most importantly, he created a website that exactly fit our needs while being easily updatable- even by me (which is saying something).
Jay Koepke
Small Business
Aesthetically my site appeared outdated and was, admittedly, difficult to navigate. After a discussion or two, Joshua returned with design ideas that were fresh, elegant and edgy. Thanks Josh! My experience in working with you couldn't have been better.
Robbi D'Allessandro
I have been talking about establishing a web site for many years now. But have always dreaded the process. And then I called Josh and he just was so calm, made it seem so easy and responded so effortlessly to all my requests. As a playwright, I felt so comfortable working with Josh who is also a playwright. He understood, even when I wasn't being very articulate. My web site is exactly how I imagined and hoped it would be -- simple and to the point, easy to use.
Daisy Foote
Josh is not only a talented web designer, but a fantastic person to work with. I wanted a cleaner, more professional upgrade from the website I had designed myself, and Josh was able to translate the old website's personality beautifully, while giving it a way snazzier look. He was receptive to questions and edits, and he was super helpful and patient when it came to walking me through the steps to update the site myself. Josh is the recommend him highly!
Lauren Singerman
Josh has created two websites for me and I couldn't be more thrilled with his work. Not only was he attentive to my needs and creative input, he captured my artistic vision and made it a reality. He is smart, funny, very easy to work with and extremely talented.
Leslie Korein
Josh perfectly interpreted my aesthetic and design wishes and patiently guided me through the whole process of building a great site.
Joanna Young
Y'all, he's good at that inter web making. Like really good.
Michael Walker
Theatrical Production
Josh Levine was a dream to work with. His positivity, enthusiasm, attention to detail, efficiency, creativity and professionalism are quite a profound combination of qualities. I cannot speak highly enough of Josh and his work.
Emily Simoness
Arts Organization
Working with Josh Levine was a terrific experience. He is professional, prompt and has great design ideas. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a web designer!
Alisa Hauser
Theatrical Production
When we decided to branch out into the internet world and create a website, we only discussed one name and that was Josh Levine. His eye for style and layout is truly amazing, and he has been nothing but a delight to work with. I would direct anyone looking for website design to speak with Josh.
Justin Huff
Small Business
Ever since working with Josh on my site, I get emails daily about how creative & easy to navigate the site is. I recommend him to everyone I know!
Rena Strober
Working with Josh was a great collaboration - perfectly combining his skill, talent and eye with my overall vision for my site. I couldn't be happier with the outcome.
Kevin Bertolacci
Small Business
It was a pleasure working with Josh. He is creative, efficient, and honest. I look forward to working with him again.
George Forbes
Arts Organization
I was looking to re-imagine an old website, and Josh Levine put together a smart, classy, stylish design very quickly. He listens to the needs of his clients, and works closely with them to help realize their vision.
Dan O'Brien
Josh Levine is a pleasure to work with. His professionalism, speediness, and design flexibility for web design made what seemed to be a major challenge into a simple and efficient tool.
Tania Camargo
Theatrical Production
Josh made every step of the process of creating a website stress free. He took the time to get to know our personal style, and what we wanted out of a website. We could not be happier with his work!
Kevin Michael Murphy & Molly McCarthy-Egan
Small Business
Josh's true talent lies in his ability to translate ideas onto the page. His professional eye helps distill concepts down so they are clean and concise, which means the client gets exactly what they want. Plus, he's fun to work with.
Jennifer Byrne
Josh knows how to make a website look professional, attractive, and easy to navigate. Low on ego but high on smarts, Josh designed a site which was a perfect match for what I wanted to convey. He listened to my concerns and offered creative suggestions, resulting in a site which represents me well but utilizes his skill and knowledge. Josh has not only earned my thanks; he’s also earned my trust.
Rich Orloff
As an actor, it can be a very daunting process to put together a website which showcases you and your work in the best possible light. I constantly have people in the industry remarking on how professional-looking, streamlined, and effective my website is, and I credit that completely to Josh.
Fred Berman
Besides being an absolutely wonderful designer, Josh Levine is one of the smartest, kindest, and most accessible people I have ever worked with.
Jack Cummings III
Theater Company
Josh was really easy to work with; he was happy to try many different iterations each step of the way, until I found what I liked. The platform he uses makes it possible to update the site yourself after one quick lesson.
Justin Warner
Josh quickly created a beautiful layout that was edgy, quirky and fun. I get compliments on my website from industry professionals who love the layout and design. They also say my website captures my personality perfectly. Working with Josh was so easy because he was efficient, honest and an all around nice guy.
When I told Josh what was important to me in a website, he not only listened - he improved upon it. He is creative, fast, and an all around joy to work with. I've found my permanent web designer.
Rowan Meyer
Josh Levine's website design captures my personality, shows who I am as an actor, and is so uniquely me. Josh was wonderful to work with throughout the entire process and I couldn't be happier!
Lacy J. Dunn
Josh is the ideal web designer. He worked closely with me to help create the exact look and vibe I wanted for my website. Additionally, when I found myself at a loss for ideas, Josh was adept at coming up with creative options that always exceeded all my expectations and visions! I highly recommend him to everyone looking to build or revamp a website.
Jackie Seiden
Josh has been exceptional in designing and building Crash Ur Party's website. I look forward to working with him again on other projects in the future.
Steve Hurst
Small Business
I felt at ease working with Josh to put together our organization's website. He listens, takes direction well, and was able to manifest our ideas in such a concise and well, beautiful way. And that is what countless people from around the world and in the humanitarian sector say in response to our website, 'beautiful.'
Michael Littig
Arts Organization
Josh did an excellent job of the entire website project from concept all the way to implementation. He was through and creative and very competent. I found the whole process to be very well organized and the results much better than expected.
Ken Horner
Small Business
Josh had a very personal and thorough approach to my project. As a result, the finished pages showcase my work in a way that truly reflects who I am as a writer. I couldn't be more happy.
Julie Tosh
Josh provides the right amount of balance between utilizing your own ideas and his creative vision to the end result of great, first-class, media marketing through web design. He's able to integrate anything you can throw at him from video, stills, links, mp3s and make it all work.
Steven Yuhasz
Josh worked diligently with me to convey my ideas onto the screen. Even when there were small details that I wanted changed or tweaked, there was never a hesitation in figuring out how to achieve what I wanted. So easy to work with!
Ellen Harvey
Josh really won't quit until the job is done and to your liking. Not only is my website exactly what I wanted... he really took his time to explain all the details to me (even going so far to do a tutorial on skype). He is knowledgable, open to changes, smart & absolutely confident in what he is doing. I would recommend him to anyone.
Jenna Coker Jones
Josh made it so easy to put my website together, especially given the fact that I had no idea what I wanted at first. He was patient, thorough, and always got right back to me once I got into the swing of it and started asking for the moon. Josh Levine delivers the moon.
Julia Murney
Josh's work and client roster speaks for itself. His artistry and attention to individuality is what makes him the foremost web designer for anyone serious about marketing their craft!
Trista Moldovan
Josh had terrific ideas and really listened to mine. He worked hard to get the website where I wanted it. Josh was patient and thoughtful. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.
Martin Blank
Josh somehow managed to pluck the image of my dream website from my brain and place it lovingly into cyberspace. Plus, he made it better than I ever could have imagined.
Doug Kreeger