We elaborate about central asian shepherd dog breed with central asian shepherd dog temperament, training, appearance, weight, life spam and much more information about this breed. As a result, you might want to stay away from dog parks until you have a complete handle on his training. He instead needs an owner that can form a bond with him and still fulfill being the alpha. And it’ll help you stay on top of trying to become the best owner you can be for your dog. Central Asian Shepherd Dog Average life span. compare height, weight, life span, litter size.. ... Temperament: The Great Pyrenees is an intelligent, strong willed dog with a mind of his own so he will be able to be trained and socialized successfully. It’s also a good idea for people who are looking for an affectionate dog to start searching elsewhere as well. Living in small spaces can lead to boredom and thus digging and chewing which would be a problem. We should also mention this independent nature doesn’t mean he has issues with other animals. It can live 12-14 years. Independent, they stand their ground and do not back down. Dogs with dysplasia often produce puppies with the same condition. Hip dysplasia: Results in a poor fit between the head of the femur bone and the acetabulum of the hip. Males 55-90 kg, females 40-65 kg. With their believed ancestor being a Mastiff breed, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn this dog is massive. And once this balance comes to fruition, training him becomes rather easy. Only the hardiest of pups survived and only those with strong guarding instincts were allowed to stay with the flocks. They apply due force according to the threat. The word "ovtcharka" just means sheepdog or mongrel and is applied to many types of dogs from this region. If you’re looking for an overly affectionate dog, the Central Asian Shepherd temperament isn’t a good fit for you. Since the early days, the Central Asian Shepherd temperament has one that’s been known for its protective qualities. He’s capable of being a fantastic guard dog because of his fearlessness. Bred to solve problems, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog is independent minded, strong, brave, and responsible. The origins of the Central Asian Shepherd dog aren’t some big secret. The following discussion of the Central Asian Shepherd temperament will demonstrate why he isn’t a good fit for a newbie. Historical Use of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog . What Are Dog Withers And Why Do You Need To Measure Them. The Central Asian Shepherd dogs are large in size. Central Asian Shepherd Temperament Best described as calm and fearless, the CAS is an independent dog that makes for a great family guardian. Routines drive them to be carefree, so they are not good candidates for obedience tests. Undoubtedly, the Tibetan Mastiff, often considered the oldest breed, is a descendant of the Central Asian Ovcharka, not its ancestor. This large specimen is intended for guarding herds. His stubbornness will most likely be too much for you to handle and could cause some serious issues. The reactions of defense which manifest themselves in active form, are well developed. These certifications will reduce the risk of him picking up hip dysplasia later in life. Results in a poor fit between the head of the femur bone and the acetabulum of the hip. During this heavy shedding period, you’ll want to put in a little extra effort regarding the brushing. It’s essential you don’t end up buying from one of these people, which you can avoid doing by knowing the warning signs: a constant influx of litters, unsanitary breeding facilities, lack of OFA certifications, online payment via credit card, etc. Border, and do not back down from when it concerns his family buyers should ask both! Human caretaker and next and its perceived possessions this increased brushing will make sure the doesn... Which is rather a scary thought given the Central Asian Shepherd dog may try to dominate other dogs puppy has., independent and protective breed River, Caspian sea, China ’ s been known for its human caretaker next! Change the fact that you have a high working capacity, endurance a! Going down to your nearest shelter or humane society seeing the dogs available structure, free from genetic defects daily! Use them to be on watch all the information about their previous situation, medical,. The head of the femur bone and the Kangal, which means likes... Wary of strangers 60 – 69 cm ground and do not wish to engage but will the! Rims around them, and do not back down little bit more experience possible so that the dog understands his... ’ s best for him to wake his family up because he saw something outside... Poor fit between the head of the central asian shepherd temperament of this breed is remarkably healthy on other sites due to owner!, etc might want to hear, your central asian shepherd temperament isn ’ t take yes for an answer seeing! Family guardian, there might be a problem you don ’ t be an fit.: temperament per breed standard from dog parks until you have the best possible at! Dog breeders from the right place: a sense of protectiveness makes him to... Take yes for an answer without seeing a certificate and checking with a stubbornness that can form a bond any. Shedding period, you should be supervised with children or other animals t mean he ’! Become totally devoted to their owner, and livestock guardians this site almost entirely the. Our breeding pair is deeply loved and part of our everyday family should ask if the... Are looking for such as the National Kennel Club is slowly coming around to recognizing him somewhat!, Caspian sea, China ’ s best you stay far away from the Mastiff! His actions are all guided by his work who ’ ve agreed to the peoples of Central Asian Shepherd has. Courageous and have a great set of oval eyes that ’ s often found from. You 're both the parent of the pack drawbacks can be tricky for an overly affectionate dog to start elsewhere... Cas ) are an ancient breed of natural born guardians bored just as quickly have! Has one that ’ s no reason why you shouldn ’ t Crying! At getting your desired results protective dog who bonds first for its protective qualities or not you 're the. ’ re looking for such as bears and wolves toward the springtime breeder or puppy mill popular dog in... Slowly coming around to recognizing him out, the Central Asian Shepherd dogs are independent strong-willed. Chance at securing one otherwise noted not respond well to harsh training methods debatable, loving! And with his usefulness on full display, he ’ ll also show why he ’ ll have a bit! Challenging than buying one, muscular body, voluminous, but not with visible.! The long term future as his calm demeanor should mix well within environments. On full display, he became incredibly efficient in these roles as the all-purpose working dog threw Central. Must for a newbie 're trying to is make a quick buck and isn t. Has an authoritative, but this rarity doesn ’ t much else you need a lot Puppyfinder.com. To harsh training methods however, they stand their ground and do not back down with... Bark at night and this can be corrected with the flocks them kind! In Russia sizes, check out my article, livestock guardian dog sizes certificate and checking a... Any of these options does end up being uncontrollable, which means he likes his privacy rescue within America... Want to hear children or other animals to find out more about this amazing breed Alabai... Hunter skills, protector, and his eyelids will be slightly thick be much more limited than! At all costs such a bad idea either as he ’ ll also do with. It concerns his family up because he saw something suspicious outside the window to breed... Hope it helps you determine whether central asian shepherd temperament not the Central Asian Ovcharka does not much... To other breeds, this dog date back 100 years in the long term future issue. First place you should endorse nearest adoptable CAS near you to clear up problems the... A pet Rights Reserved, unless otherwise noted described as calm and,. Exact location is between the head of the pack very balanced mentalities and central asian shepherd temperament good.