The rig works better than expected. TDH Manufacturing, Haslet, Texas. We strive to be the trusted brand when it comes to premier pump hoist equipment. We have a variety of excellent pump hoist equipment in fleet for you to choose from. 57 talking about this. Preferred Pump offers the best rewards program in the water well equipment industry. The Next Generation Pump Hoist. The 35X4! Being able to run the truck on its hybrid mode, which is a set of batteries and a motor dedicated to running the hoist, made pulling pumps more enjoyable. pump hoist truck Cars at classifieds – used car classifieds across USA. 1.8K likes. TDH Manufacturing in Haslet, TX is a family-owned business and an expert in designing and manufacturing pump hoists. Hunke/Smeal products are recognized worldwide for excellent engineering and quality workmanship. pump hoist for sale ​ SOLD! Watch PumpTrax water well pump puller/pump hoist in action. 2100 Avondale-Haslet Road, Unit #120 Currently In Stock. Navigation. This hoist pulls 35,000 lbs single line up to 140,000 lbs 4-parted. It is mounted to a 2014 Ford F-350 with 112,354 miles, air conditioner, and automatic transmission. All of the products we offer are engineered to premium standards. Provide honest products and superior service to your valued clients. THE VIDEO YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! Our manufacturing & water well industry experience gives us a competitive edge in this space. TDH pump hoists and its accessories work in conjuction to make your job easier. Buy and sell, a wide selection of car brands. Where do we begin about our perfect pump hoist? My customers appreciate us coming to the field with good, reliable and safe equipment. All types of new and … 59 talking about this. TOTAL DYNAMIC HOIST rigs are not even in the same ball park as a Hunke & Pulstar rig. Having speed control on all of the lines is important because you can adjust them for the requirements of the job. The guys really like all the user-friendly features these units have - especially the footage counter and speed control on the sand line. The final post to our series introducing you to each Pump Hoist built by TDH Manufacturing! TDH pump hoists and its accessories work in conjuction to make your job easier. Get Directions View Large Map. $145,000! on a 4-part line making it the third largest TDH Hoist yet. The Hybrid Hoist in action! FULL-SIZED RIG FOR THOSE FULL-SIZED JOBS The 25X4 is the most technologically advanced pump hoist ever built. I know you can at TDH. Also on display are Abel slam latch elevators that make latching and unlatching pipe quick and effecient. Since 2017, I have added two additional trucks to my fleet. Preferred Pump offers a free marketplace for water well servicing business owners to shop for and sell used pump hoists and water well equipment. Scott Moser has helped me when I’ve had any questions or concerns about the rig, great customer service. See how you setup the machine. Total Dynamic Head: the total height in which a fluid is pumped with all denominators factored in. Pump Hoist #421339 - 1975 Smeal 10T $0.00 (tax incl.) He has done 6 jobs since December 6th and has not charged the batteries ONCE & the battery life is still sitting at 37%. Another good feature that blows people mind is the swabbing option that does the job for you without touching the levers and last but not least the remote control which is an alternative of the main control panel that lets you operate at a safe distance when needed. What I was first interested in was the electric over hydraulic controls. The Next Generation Pump Hoist. We fully recognize that you do NOT make the pumps, but you have stood behind them 100% and for that we are thankful. The TDH 24X3 is strong, very easy to operate, smooth and quiet unit that attracts attention everywhere it goes, and we are talking from East to West, North to South Texas. The technology involved in the unit operations is amazing because you have perfect control on your levers which is crucial when pulling a lot of weight or going down the hole carefully taking care of your installation. 2012 Smeal 6T Pump Hoist We love this truck.Scott and his crew have been available at a moments notice to answer any question that come along with operating a new piece of equipment. Preferred Pump. Primary Contact: Kade Merritt. Which I have ran both new and old models of these rigs and they are completely different than the TDH trucks. Pump Hoist #421339 - 1975 Smeal 10T $0.00 (tax incl.) Our mission at Pulstar Manufacturing is to be the leader in building pump hoists so you can be the leader in water well repair and installation. Gus Abbas with Abbas Well Drilling & Pump Service, is running his brand new 4X3 Hybrid Hoist. Remote, 2 New Cables, All New Rubber Hoses, New Hydraulic Pump, All New Pins In Cylinders And Pivot Joints, Comes With Large Snatch Block With Swivel Hook, New Paint, 12' Bed, 6 Speed Manual Transmission, … To say we were more than satisfied with the rig is an understatement. We decided to use our knowledge and skills from the industry to build pump hoists that serve contractors in a far better capacity. Great product supported by great people. My company, Halstead Pump, bought 6x2 hybrid model from TDH Manufacturing at a convention in las Vegas. Rely on us for your pump hoist needs as we feature the latest technology. S4,000 SEMCO HYDRAULIC PUMP HOIST: S4: Basic Pump Rig Painted White w/Hydraulic Outriggers $ 18,975.00* The S4,000 basic rig, 8,000# cap., consists of a 35′ hydro extended telescoping mast and 120′ per minute line speed at 4,000# single line. We aim to help businesses increase productivity, and thus revenue, by providing them equipment with cutting-edge technology. Total Dynamic Head in an industrial pumping system is the total amount of pressure when water is flowing in a system. Not to mention when I had my accident y'all jumped to help not only by working with our insurance to get us going again but threw us a loner to get us by till the truck was ready. 160 feet per minute line speed. We were so excited on the purchase. Haslet, TX 76052, More Than 20 Years in the Water Well Industry, Affiliations, Certifications, and Licenses. 6,000 lbs. THE VIDEO YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! If you are on the fence about buying a competitor rig versus a TDH, I urge you to just go look and play with one! It will change your business! 278 County Road 4 Dodge, NE 68633. We're more than happy not only with the product but with the people behind the product! Huge improvement over my 70s model Smeal. While we have had a couple of issues with the hydraulic pumps, you folks have been EXTREMELY responsive to getting the repairs made onsite and have kept us going. 2019 Ford F550 with a 2018 TDH 9X3! This job alone he is doing 280’ of 4” column. Here we have a customer using our electric over hydraulic system and wireless remote to pull pvc while the wire winder automatically reels wire. Our pump hoists offer more standard equipment than our competitors. I wanted to drop you a note telling you how much we enjoy our new 7 x 3 and 9 x 3 pump rigs. Can you personally call the owner of competitors and speak to them one on one about their rigs? Check out our social media pictures to see what you've been missing! Hands down, best pulling unit I’ve ever worked on, and the best rig we have on our fleet. A 70 Ton Pump Hoist, the LARGEST pump hoist … Pulstar Pump Hoists Are Hand-Built by People Who Care Questions? E-mail: We have been in our customer's shoes, out in the field everyday using outdated equipment. To say the very least they have surpassed our expectations as a company!I hope I never have to operate another rig besides a TDH Manufacturing built rig!Extremely grateful. Not to mention the personal service received at TDH. We offer a limited one year or 1,000 PTO hour warranty. Throughout the years, we have honed our knowledge and skills in designing and producing water well service equipment. Our team is always looking for ways to create innovative products that are the game-changers in the water well industry. The Hybrid Hoist in action! Later that year, I bought my first rig from their company. The 25X4 can pull up to 100,000 lbs. Quality Built From Experience. Pulstar Mfg - 278 County Road 4, Dodge, NE 68633 - Rated 5 based on 1 Review "Best rigs out there. Quality Built From Experience. Scott has been helpful not only in rig operation but also sharing his past experience in well operations. 2011 Smeal 5T Pump Hoist $ 62,000.00 Add to cart. TDH pump hoists are like having 10 outstanding workers on the job site at all times. Smeal 5T Pump Hoist Mounted to A 2011 Freightliner $ 30,000.00 Add to cart. M33 Monitor, 40′ Derrick, Service Body, GMC, Automatic, Used, Black & Orange–31,950 USED SOLD AS IS. Total Dynamic Hoist: the total unit in which weight, versatility, comfort, pulling power, and ease are factored into one rig! The wireless remote and sandline winch are being used to tail out pipe with variable speed without needing the help of another worker. We have been where they are and know what it is like to have insufficient equipment to do the job! I first found TDH in the National Drillers Magazine in 2017. For example, we utilize ECAD for design, our rigs have electric over hydraulic technology, our remote is wireless and is so much more! From the wire winder, remote, and controls, just to name a few of their amazing options, makes a pump installers life a lot easier! Hunke S3T Swinger Pump Hoist. The performance of our truck was mind blowing. Introducing the Next Generation of Pump Hoists! We thoroughly enjoy the relationship we have with you and look forward to continuing to build on this relationship with future purchases from you as we continue to both expand and upgrade our fleet of pump hoists. Personal service goes a long way in this day in age. Once my crew and I put it to work, we realized how smooth and efficient everything operated. How the machine operates. We manufacture the next generation pump hoists using state-of-the-art technology, highly skilled builders, and top-notch products. Remote, 2 New Cables, All New Rubber Hoses, New Hydraulic Pump, All New Pins In Cylinders And Pivot Joints, Comes With Large Snatch Block With Swivel Hook, New Paint, 12' Bed, 6 Speed Manual Transmission, … With electric over hydraulic controls, it’s safer, more dependable, and easier to use meaning you can get the job done faster. Not to mention the pulling capability mounted on F-550 versus a 10 wheeler like the competitors model sizes. We have been in this industry for more than two decades. Overview Map Business Contacts; Products and Services; Overview. TDH Manufacturing’s products are built to make your job easier with the latest in pump hoist technology. Home » Listing » PUMPS » pump hoists » TDH Mfg. This is based on our having been in our clients shoes! In summary, you folks do business the way we do. The speed the truck works at, the loss of noise from a diesel truck running all day and the accuracy the controlling screen gives us brought a new confidence in our performance as a company! TDH Manufacturing's products have many features that the industry has not yet seen in Pump Hoists! It is important to calculate this accurately in order to determine the correct sizing and scale of pumping equipment for your needs. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 360 degrees continuous rotation. 2000 Smeal 5T Pump Hoist $ 39,500.00 Add to cart. Needless to say, I am hooked on TDH pump hoists. Since then over 8,000 water well service rigs have been put into service throughout the United States and in 35 foreign countries. 2014 Hunke T3 Pump Hoist $ 69,900.00 Add to cart. It is comprised of two parts: the vertical rise and friction loss. This is Video 2 of a 2 part series reviewing our pump truck (boom truck) that we use to pull deep well pumps out of the ground. Scott has been on the ball with help with any issue or concerns we have ever had. We strive to build the next generation of pump hoists that fits the needs of contractors in the 21st century. Before the truck arrived Scott Moser and his crew had us down to their facility to see the truck and also gave us a day of training on the new rig! capacity. Designed to have the full capability of a pump hoist without sacrificing room in the bed of … Quality Built From Experience. The Next Generation Pump Hoist. 1988 E-Z-Swinger 360 Pump Hoist $ 15,000.00 Add to cart. Their hospitality was amazing!Once the truck arrived we put it right to work. CYCLONE 4,000# Capacity Pump Hoist Used, Remote Control, 1-Pipe Rack, (2) 3′ Aluminum Tool Boxes, and (1) 5′ Tool Box, Used Hoist Only–$9,950 USED SOLD AS IS. Additionally, we have great financing options! The first water well pump hoist was designed and built in 1962. The superior quality of our work speaks a lot about our expertise in this field. Diesel, 4WD, 50 miles, 48' mast, Main line, Sand line, 2 hydraulic tilting pipe racks, Front outrigger, Line-X truck bed, Remote control airbags with compressor system, Electric over hydraulic upgrade, Wireless remote, Aux hydraulics, Vise holder & Tailgate. Map. This Smeal 2T pump hoist was manufactured in 2019. Thank you TDH we are forever customers and friends!